You are stronger than your circumstances reveal. You are better than the opinion other people have about you. There is more going on under the surface of your life than a casual observation can reveal.

In 1996, an athletic clothing line was developed by a frustrated college football player. His product idea was conceived when he became tired of having to regularly change his sweat-soaked cotton t-shirt during multiple football practices. The new product was able to keep athletes cool, dry and comfortable in the most brutally hot conditions. Starting in his grandmother’s basement he created his first synthetic undergarment and traveled up and down the East Coast selling his wares from the trunk of his car. Today, Under Armor is a multi-million dollar business listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Opposing teams withered under the hot conditions of summer football practice. The wearers of Under Armor were able to press through the heat of practice to outperform their opponents.

You wear spiritual Under Armor. Under the outwardly visible circumstance of your life rests the armor of God’s Spirit. It has been placed out of natural sight requiring you to draw on its protection in the heat of spiritual conflict. God gave this armor to you to stand as a protective layer around the most vulnerable part of your life – your heart. The writer of Proverbs correctly noted, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”(Proverbs 4:23).

Today, walk forward into whatever comes your way knowing the armor of God is ready to guard your heart if you are willing to engage its protection. No assault, no shallow flattery nor any personal lapse in understanding your true identity can penetrate this protective layer if you choose to believe what God has declared about your life. His opinion is your greatest armor. 

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