The Building Pressure of Promise

by | May 11, 2015 | Hope, Promise | 0 comments

Some of you are feeling a tremendous amount of internal pressure. This pressure is not the result of a build up of personal frustration or the challenges you face in an unstable culture. Something else is taking place.  It would be easy to misinterpret the real reason for the pressure. This pressure has come because the promises of God are being stored up in your life and ready for release.  In the Spirit your life resembles a large and powerful hydroelectric dam put in place to capture the energy potential of a large river. God is allowing the capacity of these promises to reach a critical point of pressure before release.

The enemy of your soul wants you to run away from this building pressure because it feels uncomfortable and unusual. God wants you to wait and trust Him.  These feelings of pressure are not to be your focus in the waiting.  This will not last forever. Release is coming.  In the waiting turn around and look downstream.  This release will transform the spiritual terrain and relationships that are waiting for you in your future.

The One who faithfully made these promises is to be your focus, not the pressure or even the promises themselves.  That focus will be your place of peace in this season of building spiritual pressure.


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