The Changing Props On The World Stage

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The Changing Props
On The World Stage

I remember being
part of a stage production in high school. 
I had a small acting part.  I
played a police detective.  That acting
role was prophetic of what I would do as a profession later in my life.  The stage set was designed and constructed by
some very gifted people.  I remember the
hectic nature of what took place behind the lowered curtain as new stage props
were positioned for the next act. Throughout the play the only thing that
remained constant was the physical stage.  Each new set of props changed the landscape of
the stage for the coming scene.  Life is
like the set of a stage production – it is always changing.

Some of you are
seeking to understand the events that have been played out on the stage of your
life and on the larger stage of world events. God has lowered the curtain to
create an intermission.  You are
expecting to see familiar faces and events once the curtain rises again, but God
has brought about a divine shift behind the scenes. A new set of props with new
actors is about to emerge.

The Church has been
repositioned into a new place unlike any we have known in the past.  We have been placed in new cultural
territory.  When the curtain of fresh revelation
rises and reveals this new place don’t be thrown by what you see or by what you
no longer see.  God has refined and
redefined some things that we have assumed would remain forever. These things
need to be transformed in order to make way for something new. 

We are living in a
moment of history when events are about to transpire that will not align with
the playbill of what has been known in the past.  Those who will accurately interpret these
unfolding events are those who have deepened their intimacy with God.  From this intimacy will flow the revelation
that will keep you secure and unwavering in the face of the new and unfamiliar props
being positioned on the stage of world events.


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