The Coming Flood Of God’s Presence

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Deliverance, Destiny, Faith, Favor, Future, Hope, Obedience, Supernatural | 0 comments

Yesterday, I was hiking the trails near our home. I crossed a wooden footbridge that spanned a dry creek bed. Weeds and bushes were growing where water once flowed. I felt impressed to stop and take a picture. As soon as I clicked the picture the Lord said, “This is a word for some
of my people.”

You have had a long dry season, but that is about to change.
There has never been a moment where my presence has not been flowing. What has
dried up is your ability to sense my presence. I getting ready to inundate your life with a fresh flow of my Spirit. Go and stand in your place of dryness. Look and listen. Look upstream in hope. Listen
in faith. The sight and sound of an approaching flood is about to arrive once
you make the choice to look again in hope and listen in faith.

I am going to flood your thoughts with renewal.

I am going to flood your relationships with healing.

I am going to flood your finances with new provision.

I am going to flood your ministry with increased potential.

I am going to flood your city with signs,
wonders and miracles.                                                             I am going to flood your soul with refreshment.


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