The Coming Wind Of God’s Presence

by | Jul 27, 2014 | Holy Spirit, Miracles, Pentecost, Power | 0 comments

You just had one of those nudges of God’s Spirit that felt like a small wind disturbing a leaf and blowing it across your path.  This kind of impression would not normally be anything of importance, but you are beginning to realize it was God speaking to you.  The sense you have is similar to how great storms are birthed in the natural realm. All storms begin with the slightest of breezes.

Each move of God also begins with a gentle breeze. God uses these movements of spiritual air to gain the attention of His people. The prophets of old discerned these breezes and prophesied the coming of the mighty rushing wind of Pentecost.

You have been made aware for a reason.  God did not remind you of the coming wind of His presence to run and hide in a religious storm shelter.  Don’t be afraid. His wind only destroys those things that stand in the way of His will and the destiny of His people.  When the next wind of heaven begins to blow go outside and stand in its power.  Experience the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Don’t be concerned with what you cannot explain in the storm.  The greatest spiritual winds will swirl with mystery because we are dealing with the Creator God of the universe.


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