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Recently, I wrote about the intersection of history we have entered where spiritual deception, emotional instability, and mental illness are colliding with truth. The unresolved issues creating these collisions are being celebrated in the news and within the social dialogue. The acceptance of those colliding issues is being legislated and defined as the new norm. Those who question the validity of those assumptions are being mocked, even punished for their contrary view.

These collisions are not just concerning for those traveling in vehicles with spiritual, emotional, and mental issues, or a combination of all three. It is also a challenge for those who have not accepted the fatal direction of travel and now must decide if they will become a spiritual first responder or just move on and let people die in the twisted carnage of human brokenness.

It’s not enough to know something is amiss in a person’s life or in a cultural institution that celebrates evil or a way of thinking that diminishes God’s created purpose for all lives. When we are trying to live out God’s truth and then see collisions occur with increasing regularity, frustration can set in. Our undisciplined frustration can become one of the greatest hindrances to our ability to administer the healing touch of Jesus to the victims of the collisions. That frustration will give us permission to move on leaving the victims alone and helpless. 

In the intersection of these cultural collisions, we are offered the potential for Kingdom expansion that only comes when mercy triumphs over judgment. At some point in our lives, each of us was traveling in a vehicle of spiritual deception, emotional instability, or mental dysfunction. Someone with a heart of mercy was willing to stop at our crash site and administer the kind of redemptive first aid that allowed us to experience the love of God and as a result, our lives were changed forever. The joy of seeing someone live and not die at a personal crash site is one of the greatest rewards of a merciful life of faith. 


  1. Cynthia Sherstad

    Amen! Albeit God’s righteous judgement is sure to come…it’s still the final judgement of God towards the lost, but “Mercy over judgement” is truly the heart of God. Why else would He take on human flesh, walk this earth filled with pain and suffering if He were not the God of Mercy? We need to cultivate the heart of Jesus in us. See the lost and broken souls through the eyes of our living Savior, then the Great Harvest of souls will come. 🕊️


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