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The greater the distance one is removed from the reality of what is taking place, either by geography or relationship, the greater the chance their understanding of reality can become distorted. While it is good to be what many define as “informed”, we should never forget that any information, other than a street level, firsthand integrous testimony of fact, will be lacking in content. These premature and over-confident representations of “fact” can be found, after further investigaion, to have been nothing more than an editorial contrivance of someone’s limited view of reality interpreted through the lens of their bias and served to us on the plate of their assumption. 

Whatever is less than a full and unfiltered representation of truth has no potential to set us free. That is why any form of misinformation is dangerous. It keeps us blind and enslaved to shallow and narrow interpretations.  What are many times offered to us as the final word on any subject can be found, after further investigation, to have been nothing more than an illusion.

Be careful. These are treacherous times. We need to walk in humility before the Lord. He wants us to be like clay in His hands molded only by His wisdom and compassion, not by a premature interpretation of reality we are told to digest as fact without questioning its veracity. 


  1. Sue Robb

    Thank you !

  2. Riekie Dalm

    So true. Beware deception!

  3. Gwen Watson

    That is truth. Thank you!


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