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In the coming generations, the idols people worship will not be made of stone or wood. They will be super-humans elevated to God-like status through genetic manipulation and engineering.  

We need to pray for future generations of the Church who will face issues that are now only the substance of our wildest imaginations. Those prayers will help the Church in the future to withstand persecutions designed to gain their compliance and force their worship of demonic manifestations that are now only the script of Hollywood movies. If that possibility seems beyond the realm of reason, it is time to expand our ability to reason.

I would suggest an excellent book titled Blue Man written by my friend, John L. Moore. The book is available on Amazon. Blue Man leaves the reader with hope and assurance that the power of God’s Spirit will overcome even the darkest designs of human creativity. 


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  1. David Penner

    Hi Garris,
    I’ve started Blue Man. The prolog seems to have been written to weed out those with a comfortable faith. I’ve been noticing how Jesus did the same with his disciples (I am the bread) – stretching them beyond their comfort zone.
    Dave Penner<


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