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One of the saddest things I see taking place within the Church is when some, in their frustration regarding how their fellow believers are behaving, begin to align themselves with the spirit seeking to discredit and destroy the Church. That alignment has them using the same talking points of that dark spirit to confront those parts of the Body of Christ causing their frustration.

If that frustration is not dealt with, the Lord will give them over to their deception not to destroy them, but to bring them to a place where they can be saved from the horrible consequence of their actions. These are actions they would never have believed they would participate in had the Spirit been allowed to take the lead.

Frustration is defined as being upset or annoyed with something we are unable to change. Only the Spirit, not our frustration, can faithfully lead us to a place of union with those in the Body of Christ with whom we might strongly disagree. What people forget is that once attained that a place of union will still contain people of differing opinions. That is what makes the Church such a unique and powerful gathering of people. Union is the fresh fruit of love. Division is the spoiled fruit of our unresolved frustrations.

We should never allow frustration regarding how fellow believers speak or act to give us permission to jump ship and become a tool in the hands of the enemy.  We become that tool when we have not resolved the undisciplined impulse of our personal frustrations. 

There will always be something about some group or individual within the Church who portrays Christ in a way that is less than what we desire. We cannot change that fact of life. Only truth can bring about that kind of change. Our inability to change anyone is part of the definition of what makes us frustrated in the first place. We must come to grips with those frustrating issues or they will lead us down a dangerous path we never thought we would walk.


  1. Nita

    Soooo good!! It’s ok to leave a church if God is leading you but to badmouth others, especially in the Body of Christ, NOT OK!! Sharing on social media.


      What you’re talking about, Garris, is so important. Jesus tells us to be angry, but not to sin. I think that means that we can experience the emotions, like frustration and anger, but not act upon it in a way which aligns with darkness. We don’t have authority to judge other believers. That’s God’s realm. But we do have authority to take our feelings frustrations and challenges to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to sift us and give us wisdom and his perspective on what we see.


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