The Effects of Tyranny

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

The danger of tyranny in any form is its ability to remain undetected in its early stages of influence until a designated moment when it executes its ultimate plan for control – a control not noticed and fervently dismissed by those who continue to believe a prepared deceptive narrative. This deception is masked under a variety of definitions that make the acceptance of control tolerable for those unable to discern what is taking place. To challenge tyranny, or even mention its possibility, is seen by some as an act of rebellion and will draw the ire of both the controllers and those being controlled.

Entire societies and religious environments can collapse under the influence of tyranny with such rapidity that it will appear confusing to those not in tune with the Spirit. God allows this kind of collapse so that something better can be built in its place that more accurately reflects His heart for the Church and a nation.

We are currently experiencing an ongoing collapse of both religious and cultural structures. What is taking place is like watching a slow-motion video of a building collapsing under the influence of well-placed explosive charges designed to compromise a structure at the moment of detonation. In the debris and despair of these collapsed structures, hope is always present.  This hope is never considered by those blinded by the temporary power of their tyranny or those who choose to obediently follow its dictates.

The Lord always places reformers in the rubble of these collapsed structures who carry with them God’s blueprint for reconstruction. Those blueprints will make it possible to rebuild a new future under the guidance of God’s Spirit. The journey into this new future will be led by those who are more aware than the previous generations who allowed tyranny to take hold and accomplish its work unnoticed and unchallenged.


  1. Donna Apperson

    Wow! Powerful! Seeing this in my workplace as I refuse to be vaccinated because I have a strong conviction from the Lord. I know God is my hope even though it appears hopeless since I will he terminated at the end of this month. God alone has always provided for me & He will continue to do so.

    • Riekie Dalm

      You are not alone. There are many also standing against this tyrrany. I’m in Melbourne Australia


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