The LZ of Reconciliation

by | Oct 3, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

A wave of reconciliation is about to break over God’s people. Relationships thought lost forever will be healed and restored. Time and the depth of wounding will not be barriers to what the Lord will accomplish. Miracles of restoration are beginning to take place within wounded hearts.

In the last week, I have experienced several significant acts of relational reconciliation. They came in like a flood. Five in total. One was a relationship that was damaged 45 years ago, and another waited in suspended reconciliation for 25 years. In each of these relationships, the Lord had been at work in each of our hearts, out of sight and unrealized to all of us. 

In the intervening years, the Lord asked me to admit my mistakes, forgive any transgressions against me, and bless those involved until God brought healing no matter how long the process might take. He was preparing me to be ready for what He had planned.

The arrival of these acts of reconciliation came like a medivac helicopter touching down in a military conflict where a landing zone (LZ) was cleared of the enemy and any emotional or spiritual debris that would inhibit the arrival of the chopper. I, along with each person in these reconciled relationships had made our hearts ready for the Spirit to land and get us out of a place of great jeopardy to our spiritual wellbeing.

I don’t believe the Lord allowed me to experience these beautiful acts of God’s love without a greater purpose. That purpose is to let you know the Lord has been working behind the scenes of your life and out of view healing wounds and changing hearts. He is preparing you and those in your history for a moment of reconciliation and reunion that only God could make happen. He will honor you for not allowing your heart to harden and grow cold. You have remained pliable in His hands. In doing so, you have prepared a spiritual LZ for the incoming acts of reconciliation the Lord has planned. 


  1. Colleen D

    I agree so completely with this. It is as you wrote what has already been happening after a small gathering of apostles, prophets and watchmen. 4 relationships that were 12 years estranged suddenly in two days were as if nothing had happening.

  2. Donna Apperson

    Thank you so much for such encouragement. We have a prodigal daughter that we long to welcome home. We know God is faithful & working.


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