The Faithfulness of God’s Calendar

by | Jan 10, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

We have a tendency to focus our attention on certain dates hoping that a breakthrough will occur, or a significant event would transpire. At some point, this can become an unhealthy exercise if we are not careful. 

God wants to create new dates of significance unmarked on human calendars that will launch new eras of human history. We can tell when one of these soon-to-be-revealed dates might be arriving when our confident predictions of what we thought would happen on a certain date proved inaccurate. In these moments when our predictions fail and our anticipation is deflated, the Lord will use our disappointment to refocus our attention on Him, not on a date or time. 

If we are willing to refocus our eyes on the Lord and His Kingdom with renewed attention, when a calendered event did not transpire as predicted, a new depth of trust will be offered to us. We experience that new level of trust when we have nothing to bring to the experience but our worship of God’s goodness.

When the Lord finally reveals His will, unexpected events will begin to take place that we could not have imagined or considered possible before the Lord made Himself known on a date known only to Him – a date that remained unmarked on our calendar.


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