The Spirit of Justice

by | Jan 9, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

As a culture, we are in a pause between storms. This morning, I wanted to recalibrate my faith – to trim the sails and adjust my course, so to speak. I found the following excerpt from one of Jan’s blessings the adjustment and preparation I needed to navigate the course ahead.


May you believe Him when He says that the tide of injustice against your family, your city, and your nation will be turned.

By His direct, divine action, and with every available means, He determines the outcome.

He will have the last word: He is strength and bravery for you, He is your firm foundation for trust, your true increase of wealth and beauty. He is the only One who creates a true and secure society.

If you see evil reach a tipping point – a point so ripe that society rots, decays, and dissolves – remember: But God!

On that same day, a new day begins. I bless you with His word of deliverance: He never goes back on it – He is your invincible defense.

(an excerpt from Blessing of the Spirit of Justice, by Jan Elkins taken from the book, Blessings from the Prophet Isaiah)

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  1. Angela Kerns

    But God!

    Got to hold on to Him, no matter what!


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