The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Dreams, Eternity, Favor, Future, Resurrection, Revival, Tranistion | 0 comments

This has been a week of tremendous movement in the realm of the Spirit. A significant shift has taken place in the heavens that will soon be released on Earth. God is about to amaze us with the rapidity and depth of the coming change.  

When I heard that word earlier this morning, I was drawn to look out the front window of our home.  In the Spirit, I could see a large puzzle hovering in the sky extending from horizon to horizon. It looked like one of those children’s puzzles made out of large pieces of brightly painted wood. I saw the final piece of the puzzle fall into place signaling that everything was ready. 

Expect this heavenly shift to have ramifications in each sphere of culture, especially in government.  We will see the release of unprecedented breakthrough that has been prophesied but not yet experienced.


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