Leaving Behind Your Yesterday – Stepping Into Your Tomorrow

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Faith, Obedience, Trust | 0 comments

I was on a phone call with my friend, Bobby Haaby, when he said something so profound that it startled me and caught my attention. Bobby said in reference to his ministry and the larger ministry of the global Church, “We are not establishing a new yesterday.” Immediately, I knew the Spirit had created, empowered and released those words to an audience beyond our phone call.

Too many times we try to establish the future on yesterday’s revelation. God is not calling us forward to repeat more of the same. He invites us to step into new places where the audience of culture is waiting to hear the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. God’s kingdom is always expanding and in that expansion, our faith must also increase. This increase of faith positions our lives to become a working partner with God for the release of what He promised.

God is calling you forward into uncharted territory. There are no established paths leading to this new place. You are leaving behind the tracks of a pioneer. You are stronger and more equipped for this journey than you realize. You carry with you both the plan of God and the power of the Spirit. God is not calling you forward to only experience yesterday once again. He is inviting your forward into a new tomorrow that will only exist if you step forward in faith leaving behind your yesterday so you can be free to step into your tomorrow.


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