The Fine Line

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Mercy, Truth | 0 comments

There is a fine line between truth and error. This is what makes deception so believable – it can look and sound like truth. When we think we have God figured out and we reduce Him down to the level of our limited understanding we are the most vulnerable.

As you walk into the next season of life you will be walking into a narrow place. This narrow place is that fine line space between what is true and what is not true. You will need the wisdom of God to discern the difference. Ask Him for wisdom and He will be faithful to give you the ability to see what He sees. His sight will become your discernment.

The pressure you feel in this narrow place will force out any remaining compromise to truth that still remains in your life. Instead of making you proud this process will humble you and cause you to extend mercy to those who live in any form of deception. You will be humbled because you will find out how close you came to error before God revealed the difference and set you free.



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