The Fog Of Confusion

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Faith, Hope, Prayer, Trust | 1 comment

Clarity and understanding are ready to walk toward you. This has been a confusing season in your life.  The emerging clarity and understanding will be like a person walking toward you out of a fog bank.  An image of something within the fog will slowly begin to take shape – like a vague form moving within the shrouding effect of the fog.  As you strain to see what is emerging you will notice the shape of a person walking toward you.  This is how the clarity and understanding of the Spirit will arrive.

Faith in its purest form is looking.  We look at things not yet formed in this realm and continue to believe that something is there. This developing substance of the Spirit can only be seen with the eyes of faith.

Look into the confusing fog and call for Wisdom to come.  He will come bringing the gifts of clarity and understanding this fog of confusion has tried to hide from your eyes.  Your assignment is to wait, trust and continue looking.  God will not allow your current lack of clarity and understanding to blind you any longer from seeing the greater work He has been doing within the fog of confusion.

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  1. Unknown

    Boy I needed this! Very timely!


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