There Are No Foregone Conclusions

by | Aug 17, 2014 | Faith, Hope, Miracles, Trust | 0 comments

God wants you live like there are no foregone conclusions to any situation. A foregone conclusion is formed when we begin to believe certain outcomes are inevitable and will continue uninterrupted to a fateful end.

God wants you to live knowing the implications of a fearful medical diagnosis is never a foregone conclusion.  The aftermath of a failed relationship is not a foregone conclusion.  The lack of visible resources is never a foregone conclusion. The lack, limit or absence of anything is no longer a foregone conclusion because God is involved. The reason these situations should no longer be seen as having inevitable conclusions is because your faith will have joined with the goodness of God to create outcomes contrary to the results of natural systems, but in line with the realities of heaven.

Go through each area of your life where you have allowed the faithless definition of a foregone conclusion to reside and repent of your unbelief.  Redefine these situations based on the nature of the God you serve and the hope He has given. His invited presence into these situations will release outcomes contrary to the foregone conclusions of fear.  These situations, where fear once created definitions of doom, will be redefined as places where signs, wonders and miracles are destined to take place.


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