The Footprints of Your Faith

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Change, Discipline, Faithfulness, Fear, Future | 0 comments

This morning Jan and I took our morning walk in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon. Near our hotel, we came upon a sidewalk that for at least half a city block, a dog had left his paw prints in the concrete. I am especially dog conscious because in July we will pick up our new Australian Shepherd puppy (by the way, his name will be Boone).

As I walked in the dog’s steps, I thought of some of you who have wondered if the life-path you have chosen to walk upon would leave behind anything meaningful. In the Spirit, your footprints have been set in spiritual concrete for following generations as a witness to God’s faithfulness. You are leaving behind a forever witness of faithfully following the Lord. 

Someday, someone will see your footprints when they begin to walk into a challenging season of life. What you leave behind will be just the encouragement they will need to continue moving forward knowing if it was possible for you to keep going during a challenging season it will also be possible for them.


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