The Fruit of Kindness

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Last week, I called a hotel where I was booked to stay over the weekend. I spoke with a woman at the front desk. She was kind and patient with my question, one I am sure she has had to answer a thousand times before. As soon as the phone call was over, I felt a nudge to email the hotel management and tell them about the kindness and courtesy extended to me by the woman who answered my question.

When I arrived at the hotel and stayed for a couple of days, I wanted a few more of those hotel coffee packets. As I passed the lobby counter, I noticed a basket filled with them. It looked like this was a frequent request from hotel guests so the staff was prepared.  I asked if I could have a few packets and the woman working the counter smiled and gave me a handful. I noticed her nametag was the same name as the person who helped me with my question a few days earlier. Happy with a fresh supply of coffee, I returned to my room only to find out they were decaf, so back down I went to the lobby to ask the woman if I could make an exchange for some real coffee. They had no more regular coffee in the basket so I was asked to wait a few minutes while housekeeping retrieved a fresh supply.

During my wait, a man who looked like a supervisor appeared from an office area behind the counter. I overheard him say to the woman, “I just wanted to let you know that we received an email comment thanking us for hiring you because of how kind you were when you handled a guest’s question.” He went on to name the day and time of my email. I smiled. In another minute the coffee packets arrived and back to my room I went. I never mentioned to the woman I was the person who sent the email. Walking back to my room, I was happy I had listened to the Lord. 

Some of you have wondered if all the kind words and actions you release are having any impact. Just because you cannot see the immediate benefit it doesn’t mean they have not accomplished their mission. Kindness can actually change lives and atmospheres when they are received. You and I don’t have to be present for this to take place.

As the supervisor was talking to the woman, I kept my head buried in my iPhone. When she heard the supervisor’s report, her response was, “Oh, really? That’s nice.” When I heard her comment, I realized it might have been some time since she heard words that honored her service. 

This is how our lives can have a truly prophetic impact. Follow the nudge of the Spirit when asked to release simple acts of kindness and you will be partnering with God in the ministry of encouragement. Someday, He might even let you see the results of your obedience that would have remained unknown separated by geography and time had He not put you in the precise place at the exact moment to see and hear the fruit of your obedience.


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