The Gate of Favor is Opening

by | May 9, 2017 | Favor, Gifts, Joy, Provision | 1 comment

We have a white picket fence that surrounds our front yard. A small gate opens between two wooden posts that lead up a brick path to our front door. Over time the gate hinges have become loose. Each time the gate opens it emits a distinct rubbing sound. Jan wants me to fix the hinge so the gate swings more evenly but I actually like the noise the gate makes. No one can enter our yard without me hearing the sound.

A few nights ago, a friend left after a visit and they walked through the front gate. I was in the back of our house and heard the scraping sound of the gate opening. When I heard the noise the Lord spoke a word to me. I parked the word waiting for Him to tell me when to share its content. This morning, the Lord asked me to share what He spoke to me.

A gate of favor is about to open for you. A sound in the Spirit will be made that will get your attention. It is not a normal sound. The same kind of sound was made on the Day of Pentecost. It is a sound announcing the coming of a new work of God. The sound you hear will be made because of the unique set of circumstances in which you find yourself. When the Lord gets your attention move toward the sound like the crowds did on the Day of Pentecost when Heaven opened up over their lives. Your opening will be an announcement that a new level of favor is being released into a situation in your life that was previously closed.

Each time I hear the sound of our wooden gate opening, my attention is drawn to our front door. When I hear the sound I have an expectation that a visitor is approaching. Your gate of favor is swinging open and Heaven is releasing the sound of an announcement. Soon a visitor called Favor will stand on the doorstep of your life and in his hands will be a package of revelation and blessing. God has planned this delivery for this moment in your life. The gift Favor brings will be what you need to move forward into your future. When this happens, you will know it was the favor of God, not your best efforts, that made this new way possible.

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    i so hope this is for me-thank you Jesus


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