God is good. Those three words comprise the greatest truth a human being will ever discover about God. The spiritual giants of the faith discovered that truth time and time again throughout the course of history. The record of their discoveries is contained in Scripture and within the personal testimonies they carried into the far corners of the Earth. These people saw the goodness of God in the depths of their most painful experience and were changed forever. Because of that revelation they were able to confidently navigate through any storm of life that developed along the course of their journey of faith.  

The discovery of God’s goodness is the doorway through which we walk to experience deeper levels of revelation and encounter. If we fail to discover His goodness in each circumstance of life we will be blown from one sorrow to another without the hope of resolution. Our lives will become a rudderless vessel tossed about on the prevailing wind of sorrow.  

In this moment of your life, no matter how intense the storm, God’s goodness is present and waiting to be discovered. Once discovered, His goodness will redefine your present reality from an experience of overwhelming pain and sorrow to one of overwhelming hope and expectation. The rudder of God’s goodness may seem small in the face of the storm’s intensity, but it has the supernatural ability to steer the course of your life through the wind and the waves and deliver you to a safe harbor. In all things, trust God’s goodness. It will never leave you or forsake you.


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