The Hammers of Disagreement and Disapproval

by | May 7, 2018 | Courage, Deliverance, Freedom, Honor, Justice, Mercy, Peace, Pride, Promotion, Reconciliation, Spiritual Warfare, Transition | 0 comments

I just returned home from doing some grocery shopping. I saw something that prompted me to share the following word. I believe for some of you it is a time-sensitive word. 

As I was driving home I had to stop at a traffic light. When the light turned green, I began to cross the intersection when I noticed a claw hammer on the pavement. It was just the head of the hammer, not the handle. 

As I drove over the hammer’s head, I sensed the Lord begin to speak. Some of you are crossing an intersection of life that will lead you into a new season. It is an important crossing. In previous crossings, you literally got hammered by the displeasure of people when you attempted to cross the intersection in faith. You were told to not cross and as you attempted to make your passage the blows from the hammers of disagreement and disapproval struck your soul without mercy leaving painful bruises in your emotions. You turned back under the pain of the assault.

This crossing will be different. This time there is no handle on the condemning hammers. It is impossible for your accusers to swing their hammers because there is nothing for them to grasp. Your faith and resulting maturity no longer provide a handle to grasp. You don’t have to cower in anticipation of a painful impact. When you get the green light from God to move forward, do it with a fearless confidence. Just as I drove over the hammerhead lying in the middle of the intersection, so it will be with you as you move forward to receive what God has promised.


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