The Hidden Potential of Weakness

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Courage, Destiny, Faith, Fear, Freedom, Hope, Humility, Joy, Restoration, Resurrection | 0 comments

We all have the tendency to try and distance ourselves from the places of our greatest weakness. Somewhere in our journey of faith we discover a hidden gem of truth – our weak places are where God promises to do His most powerful work.

Jesus revealed this gem of truth to Paul when He said the most profound God-work would take place in the weakest area of Paul’s life – an area Paul had been praying would go away. When Jesus  was speaking to Paul, He was also speaking into the future where you and I now struggle with feelings of desperation and despair.  Just as He promised Paul, the Lord is willing to pour out His Spirit in the weakest areas of our lives if we would simply yield those areas to Him. This is why we are asked to step out in faith in obedience to God’s voice for things not yet seen in the weakest parts of our lives.  We do this believing that something supernatural is possible with God when all human resources have been exhausted. 

Once we understand this truth, we can begin to rejoice because something fresh and new from God is about to arrive and turn the weakest part of our life into a place where His power is supernaturally displayed.


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