Clarity and confirmation are coming. A significant marker that will guide you through this last challenging leg of your journey will soon appear. Its presence will pilot you into a new place, one that has remained hidden until this moment of time. God will reveal this affirming marker to confirm your direction and bring clarity and validation to your original vision.

Near the border between California and Oregon just south of Ashland, Oregon stands a rock formation created during a time of volcanic activity thousands of years ago. The rock formation is called Pilot Rock. It rises 540 above the surrounding terrain and thousands of feet above the valley below. It can be seen for over 40 miles. Early settlers called the rock Boundary Rock. It was a noticeable boundary marker between Spanish California and the Oregon Territory. The primary use of Pilot Rock was as a navigation marker for early pioneers making the arduous wagon trek into the settlements of Oregon during the 1840s and 50s. 

Early wagon trains would not know Pilot Rock existed until they got within range to see it. The rock became a source of encouragement letting pioneers know the promised destinations they dreamed about would soon appear. After a long and challenging journey, the appearance of Pilot Rock affirmed the faith of many.

God will be providing a final piloting marker for your journey of faith if you continue to move forward and not give up and turn around. The marker is not yet visible. Your personal Pilot Rock will soon appear on the horizon and give you the hope needed to finish the last leg of the journey. Just as Pilot Rock in southern Oregon became a prominent natural feature in our local history, so it will be with you in your journey of faith. Keep your eye on the horizon of your calling and continue to move forward in faith. Your Pilot Rock is about to appear.


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