The Last Eight Words

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Reformation, Restoration | 0 comments

Here are the last 8 words spoken by a business just before it begins to die while still attempting to produce an outdated product, “We have never done it that way before.” These are last 8 words a church will speak just before it enters a lifeless expression of faith, “We have never experienced God that way before.” These prohibitions, whether in a business, a church or in your personal life will need to be confronted and dismantled if we are to continue moving forward deeper into the purposes of God. The coming reformation of the Church will help us dismantle some of these restricting fences of disbelief that have held us back from experiencing new levels of revelation. What is coming will be truly miraculous in its ability to advance the cause of Christ on the face of the Earth. You have never done before what is about to arrive. Get ready. Reformation is in the air. Winds of change are blowing across the face of the Church.


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