This morning, I recalled something that took place 40 years ago. I had just awakened and was turning on the coffee maker getting ready for a morning of writing when the memory paid a visit.  When the memory came a word I believe may apply to some of you.

Forty years ago, I was interviewing for a job. The interview took place in a boardroom of a city hall. My interviewers sat along the sides of a large rectangular oak table that was about 20 feet long. The person leading the interview team sat at the opposite end of the table from me.  The room was sterile and very clean. Nothing was out of place.

When I sat down I saw a single paper clip. It was placed right in front of me on the table where my hands would rest during the interview. The paper clip was out of place in such a pristine environment. Nothing else was on top of the table. Immediately, I knew the paper clip was a test. It was placed there to see if I would pick it up and play with it during the interview as a form of nervous relief.

As soon as I sat down, I reached out and slid the paper clip into the middle of the table while looking the primary interviewer in the eyes as he watched me from his seat at the opposite end of the table. As I slowly pushed the paper clip out of reach, I gave him a barely perceptible smile. I did this to let him know I knew what was taking place. He smiled in return knowing I had discovered the test. The mood of the interview changed. I got the job.

As I mentioned earlier, when the Lord brought this memory back to me He also shared a word of encouragement I want to share with some of you to whom this word might apply. The Lord said, “I have given you the discernment required to navigate a coming moment of questioning. The questioning is a test. It is a gate you must pass through in order to receive what I have prepared. You do not have to worry. No trap placed in front of you will remain hidden. I will reveal to you what is taking place. That revelation will release the favor you need to move forward.”

The Lord has your back. He has gone ahead of you and prepared the way for whatever is coming. Do not try to prepare in your flesh. This will be a work of God’s Spirit. The Spirit will direct your steps. Trust Him.


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