The Lord is Dancing

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

I had a dream. I was seated in a very ornate auditorium. Upon the stage, an elaborate production was taking place. It appeared like an opera. All the participants were dressed in costumes. Each scene ushered in a new stage backdrop. 

All of a sudden, across the stage, came a male ballet dancer interrupting the performance. He was bare-chested, wearing only tights. His demeanor was not stifled like those in the stage production. He was unencumbered and free. He danced through the production causing a halt in its presentation. One-by-one, people in the audience began to rise from their seats and clap, applauding the dancer’s beautiful moves. Some shouted for joy. Others whistled, breaking the decorum of the gathering. A few simply bowed their heads and wept at the beauty and freedom they were witnessing. And then the dream was over.

Immediately, I knew what I was seeing. The stage production is what some of us have done with the Church. We have made it an overly complicated production. As limitations have been placed upon our ability to corporately worship, something new has taken center stage. The Lord has appeared in the most simple and unadorned fashion, and He is dancing across the stage of our faith. He wants us to experience a return to original simplicity. This return is not only what we as believers need to enliven our faith, but it is what the culture needs who sit with us in the audience. They were created to see the real Jesus.

The Lord is disrobing His Church – the Body of Christ – to reveal Himself. He is asking us to strip away the encumbering garments of the past and dance freely with Him into the future. This is not a time to return to a previous production model of our faith without prayerful examination. This interruption has allowed the Lord to dance through our expression of faith.  He is revealing to us that none of the restrictions placed upon us, or what we thought the Church should look like, will be able to stand in the way of Him displaying the simplicity and uncluttered beauty of His body.

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  1. Tod Matthews

    I really like this.
    And as we seek Him in all things and draw near….. 🙂 comes The Dancer.
    We are told to Come Out of Babylon…… He leads us to do it with style and proclamations of praise.
    All praise to TheMostHigh
    YAHUSHA MESSIAH, thankyou for coming.



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