I don’t think it was by chance that my daily reading of Scripture brought me to the book of Esther during this week. As I was reading chapter 9, verse 1 was highlighted to me, “On that day, the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but quite the opposite happened.”  What God accomplished reversed the course of history and turned Haman’s treacherous plan to destroy the Jews on its head. God rescued the Jews and set Mordecai, a Jew, in place to become the nation’s prime minister. Quite the opposite of an evil plan took place.

The God we serve is an intervening God. Much of His intervention takes place in the 11th hour of our preferences. Against all odds, and when it seems all hope is lost, He steps into the evil plans set against Him and His people and makes the opposite of human expectations happen.

There are many plans set against righteousness at this time. Evil is seen as good. Wrong is declared right. Some believers have come under the spell of seducing and deceiving spirits, yet God has a plan to turn things around. Don’t wring your hands in despair or walk away in disgust at what you see taking place. Engage these issues in prayer and take appropriate Spirit-empowered action. 

We are living in an Esther moment of history. God always has an opposite plan in place to bring down the most elaborate plans of the enemy. Put your hope in God’s intervention. His intervention is coming, and it will accomplish the opposite of what many have determined will a sure outcome.

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  1. Doris Howie

    Thank you for this POWERFUL word and KEEN insight, blessed Man of God and brother in Christ. Your light has thrown the Lord’s grace into high relief despite my preoccupation with another issue, and in NO TIME, I found myself on higher ground and SOARING! Thank you indeed.
    Congratulations on your excellent new website! I love it, and look forward to many happy returns to your rich fields.


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