The Measure of Your Love

by | May 11, 2014 | Family, Hope, Identiy, Joy, Redemption | 0 comments

The measure of your love is seen most clearly when you can celebrate in another person’s life what you do not possess in your own. Your unhealthy response to loss in your life over personal lack or misfortune can create a demand in those nearest to you to silence their personal celebration for fear of offending you.

If you have never been able to be a mother celebrate the motherhood of another.  If you are blind celebrate the sight of others.  If you are a child without a parent celebrate the families in your life. If you walk with a limp celebrate the footrace won by a friend. If you have lost something of value celebrate the possession held by another.

Your maturity will be measured by the depth of joy you share with others, not the depth of sorrow you feel because of your lack.


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