The Narcotic of Man’s Favor

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The favor of people is fleeting. It is also an emotional narcotic that can create an unhealthy need for its presence in our lives. This kind of favor is typically based on consensus and a shared worldview. When the consensus and worldview changes and is no longer mutual, those who negatively interpreted the change can initiate relational distancing and withdraw the needle that fed our need for their favor. This distancing is many times silent and polite, but hurtful, nevertheless. We then enter a favor addict’s season of withdrawal where we can become so desperate for approval we might put our integrity in a place of jeopardy.

Over the years, I’ve had favor lift off a few longtime relationships. I discovered what we had was less than I imagined because it only took one differing opinion to cause a shift in those relationships. It was painful to one day be “in the mix” with friends and then quietly moved outside the perimeter of the relationship.

We all want to be favored by others. It feels good to be included. But it can also become narcotic in nature. In these situations, we find we need continual hits of other people’s approval and favor to find our value because we have forgotten our true value has already been set by God. 

There will be times when the favor of God will cause the favor of specific individuals and groups to lift from our lives so we can undergo a revamping of our personal value. In these times, we need to grab hold of our emotions and not let them run ahead of the truth regarding our identity in Jesus Christ. When the approval of others is withdrawn it allows the favor of God to be seen with greater clarity.

While God is processing your understanding of favor, especially if the favor of friends or associates has recently been removed, don’t burn your bridges. Always keep the way open for reconciliation. That will allow the favor of God to rest on your life in increasing measure in the coming days.


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