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Portability in things like insurance or investments is important. It allows us to move those policies and portfolios through the changing seasons of life and not experience unnecessary loss. 

Our faith must have the ability to be easily moved through the changing seasons of life, or it will stumble in times of conflict or loss. A hindrance to the portability of our faith happens when we demand that God, or His Church respond to us in a certain way. It stumbles when our view of God is immature or when we hang on to an unforgiving attitude. Our faith cannot move forward while those issues are present and unresolved.

Professional insurance agents or investment advisers will review the policies and portfolios of their clients from time-to-time to make sure their clients are properly covered. Our agent/advisor in matters of faith is the Holy Spirit. He is currently nudging believers to review their faith in preparation for coming events – events we might not consider or imagine. To wait until rapid and unimagined change takes place is not the best time to perform a review.

Whatever is present in our lives that would hinder the portability of our faith must be addressed today, not tomorrow, or the unexpected and unplanned events of life will leave us vulnerable to unnecessary risk and loss. God has a better plan for us – a plan that had us covered because our faith was up to date and able to move forward with confidence into the future no matter what that future brings our way.

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  1. John J Anderson II

    Our faith is rooted in Love (God is Love) and is projected at securing our hope (He is our blessed hope). AS long as we do not pollute our roots or our reach, our faith is portable in space and in time. Polluting our roots (having faith in a word, prediction, or in circumstantial outcomes) will tether us to a non-portable source and set us up for failure.

    A very timely reminder, Garris. Thanks very much!


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