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I write this to remind you that you are not alone in your life-assignment. There are angels attached to that assignment who are present to accomplish what the best of your efforts cannot produce.

This reminder came to me this week when I sensed the presence of an angelic being enter our living room just before dawn as I sat in my writing chair. It was not a visible manifestation. It was an awareness of presence. I’ve had such experiences before and know what it feels like when a heavenly being makes their presence known. There is always a reason and purpose for such revelations.

Angelic hosts are sent to us at critical moments when a spiritual breakthrough is imminent, or intense spiritual warfare is being waged. Because our lives can be filled with so many distractions, it is too easy to forget the profound things taking place just beyond the veil that separates the visible from the invisible. We need these reminders. They build our faith and increase our trust in the Lord.

At this moment, the veil between realms has thinned. The Lord has dispatched supernatural assistance in the form of angelic beings to aid His people as we attempt to do His will. Expect to see an increase in God’s miraculous invention in the affairs of our lives. As that intervention unfolds, many will begin to see or sense the presence of angels who were sent by the Lord with a specific assignment to make what was considered an impossibility, a living reality. 

“For last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me” (Acts 27:23).


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