The New Road Ahead

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Courage, Deliverance, Faithfulness, Fear, Freedom, Future | 0 comments

The life-road you have been traveling has been filled with potholes, dust, and dirt. The speed at which you thought your life would have moved forward has been hindered by these conditions. You wanted to press the accelerator but could not, fearing the relational vehicle in which you were traveling, would begin to fall apart. 

You are stronger than this bumpy section of road. You have made it this far under challenging circumstances. Hang on for a little longer.  Your spiritual life may be covered with dust, and your emotional suspension system may have been fatigued and compromised under harsh conditions. However, you are still intact and moving forward in faith. Keep it up. You will soon come to the end of this unimproved roadway. 

God has paved a new future for you. Once you hit the new pavement, things will smooth out, and the dust cloud of this difficult season will become only a fading memory in your rearview mirror. Proceed with wisdom on the last few miles of this bumpy road. Don’t give up. A new way forward is coming soon. 


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