Until We Understand All Things

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Revelation, Trust, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

This is a moment in history where a significant global shift is taking place. It can seem overwhelming to try and understand all that is happening in the world. It can feel like someone trying to walk across uneven ground wearing a blindfold. It can make you feel as though you don’t know the essential details and that you are somehow out of the most important loop of information. 

It is easy to feel disconnected, not knowing what is taking place behind the scene where powerful spirits are attempting to direct the affairs of earthly governments and cultures. In the middle of these events, you will be standing on solid ground if you have placed your trust in God. 

You have been brought to this moment of history to either discover for the first time or reaffirm once again that trusting God is your only viable option for personal sanity and emotional stability.  Keep your eyes focused on Him. While all of these events whirl around you wanting to draw you into a maelstrom of conflict, your primary assignment is to love God, your friends, and your family. Set yourself free from the expectations of others and worship the Lord in your unique way. Give yourself permission to enjoy the small things in life. Keep your life simple and uncluttered. God is OK with all of these choices because it makes hearing Him easier when life is confusing and seems out of control. 

Trust is the most powerful possession you have if that trust is in the never-failing goodness of God, not in your ability to understand all that is taking place. 


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