For many people the future is a place filled with fear and
apprehension. The past can be an ugly list of painful memories loaded with
sorrow, regret and shame. Jesus asked us
to live in the moment – the now. This now moment is where the Kingdom of God actively
lives within us and walks with us. The now is where choices await our response
and where revelation is destined for release. It is from within this present reality where we develop the ability to overcome the voices of fear that
constantly yell back to us from the future and the echoes from our past that remind us of our failures.

At your birth you were given the gift of a single moment. That
moment encases your existence and travels with you the entire course of your earthly existence. The moment captures your life not allowing you to escape and try to live
in the future or run away from your current reality to embrace the illusion
that you can somehow return to the past. The moment is your guardian.

Use your moment wisely. All you seek and need can be found
in this traveling moment. The future never arrives because you will always be
contained in a migrating moment. The bubble of your moment continues to push
the future away keeping it out just out of reach. As you move forward the door
to the past is continually closing behind you sealing off access or the ability
to return unless directed by the Spirit to put to death a lie that pollutes
your moment.

Live faithfully in the moment and the future will be secure
and the past will become a healthy memory. This is one of the many reasons why
you can rejoice now, in this very moment.

“This is the day the
Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

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