I have some friends whose daughter is a professional fit model. A fit model is someone with perfect physical dimensions used by clothing designers to check the drape and fit of the clothing they create. The fit model is, in essence, a living mannequin. Fit models are not voiceless or robotic. They give valuable feedback to a designer for how a garment fits, feels and wears as the model moves about while wearing the designer’s creation.

The Church only has one spiritual fit model – Jesus Christ. In every revival or reformation in history, the Lord has handed back to the Church ill-fitting garments we have imposed upon Him to wear.  Just before each historic move of God, the Lord will remove an old garment and invite the Church to create something new to more accurately express the dimensions of His heart in fresh and creative ways.

We can get too comfortable in the current garments of the Church.  Our comfort creates assumptions and demands that cannot be worn by successive generations. 

In God’s Kingdom, the garment does not define the model. The model defines the garment. The beauty of the Church can only be seen when her expression is hung upon the frame of Jesus Christ. He defines us and nothing else. It’s not what we do in His name, the hopes we have of a great move of God or our personal ambition that brings this definition. It is Christ alone. He is the Perfect Fit. He defines the expression of His body.

We are in the midst of a garment change in Church history. Many are sewing new garments with the dimensions of God’s heart in mind as the single design influence. These new garments will walk down the runways of culture and draw an entirely new clientele into God’s Kingdom. If we create these new garments with the fit of Jesus’ heart in mind the resulting creation will be stunning. Listen to the voice of the Lord as He informs you about the fit of what you are creating in His name. He will be faithful to tell you if what you are creating can easily be worn by Him and if it truly represents His heart.


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