The Purpose of Your Frustration

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Apostle, Destiny, Five-Fold Ministry, Identity, Leadership, Promotion, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

The frustration you are feeling could actually be a work of God’s Spirit. Before you rebuke its presence, let me try to explain.

Last week, I had personal interaction with three people who represent three of the 7 Mountains of culture. Each of these people has a significant voice on the mountains of Government, Arts, and Economy. They represent a new expression of the Church. This is an expression that has remained virtually undiscovered in our lifetime but is now emerging with a mission to bring reformation to our culture.

Many of our existing ways of living and models of ministry have created a siege mentality forcing the Church to circle its wagons of influence to fight against the wild tribes of culture that are currently circling our wagons. Some of you have felt frustrated with this narrow solution, but nothing else was being offered. In the past, you allowed your unique gift and calling to become circled up with the other wagons of religion thinking this was your only option. You are sensing there is more and that is where your frustration is coming from.

You may have tried to rebuke your frustration thinking it was something malevolent. Actually, unrest and frustration can be a work of God. It sounds contradictory that the Prince of Peace would create unrest in His people. There are times when God stirs the heart of His Church to prepare us to be willing to let go of what is not working to embrace something new that has the potential to literally transform our personal lives and the life of culture.

The answer to your dilemma will not be found by remaining circled in fear. Ask God to give you the measure of courage required to break free from the circled wagon mentality and make a run for it. God will protect you in your escape. He will keep the arrows of disbelief from piercing you heart.

God has a plan for you and others like you to explore new frontiers of culture with the mission to set up encampments of faith on the highpoints of culture. You will become a new expression of the Church that will someday be defined by historians as a group of brave souls who were able to break free and discover previously unexplored places of cultural influence. God will use you to establish His presence on the mountaintops of influence with the assignment and authority to begin shifting the mindset of culture to express the purpose and the heart of God.


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