The Sign of Your Times

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Change, Courage, Creavity, Dreams, Faith, Fear, Future | 0 comments

Yesterday, I was driving between appointments when I passed one of those electronic signs with moving script that ticked off a message as the words moved across the screen. The sign read out the words, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season – Merry Christmas!”  While the message would have been warm and informative a month ago, it now seemed out of place. Yes, Jesus is the reason for all seasons, but Christmas has come and gone.

I know the business that owns the sign. They are great people with a great product who just forgot to have someone reprogram their sign. It will not damage their business image unless people are still reading the same message during Easter week. The problem with the sign is that it continues to announce a season that has passed and no longer present.

When I drove past the sign I thought of the lives of some good people I know who are now in a new season of life, but their lives are a lot like the electronic sign I passed. They are still announcing the person they were in the past, not the new person God has revealed. They still live under the influence of old slogans that continue to announce a part of them that no longer exists. Like the business with an out of season sign, they need to reprogram their life-sign with a new slogan for a new season.

Check the sign of your life. Your thoughts and the words will either announce in faith the new person God has created or something old and out of date that is no longer applicable. Invite a trusted friend to do a drive-by of your life and ask them to tell you what they see and hear. God has Kingdom business coming your way. It may be time to reprogram your sign.


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