The Return of Lost Things

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Reconciliation, Restoration, Trust | 0 comments

On my way home after a morning of errands and appointments,
I noticed a car pull out in front of me with an unsecured box on top of the
roof. The box was covered in brown paper. As the car made the turn onto the
roadway the box fell off. I stopped to
pick it up and wanted to catch the driver, but they sped off while I
was loading the box in my pickup. They drove away not yet aware of their loss.

At first, I thought I would go to our local Post Office and
give the package to them since it had an address. I noticed the address
was only a few blocks away, so I drove there to return the lost package. After knocking on the door it was obvious no
one was home, so I left the box on the front porch. 

Driving away, I felt joy.  I also felt the heart of God for some of you who have
experienced loss. You have lost things far
more valuable than a physical gift. You have lost loved ones, careers and
dreams. Like the person driving the car with the box on top, you arrived at a
place in your life where you realized what you valued was gone.

Imagine the feelings of the person who drove around town and
finally realized their package was gone. Contrast that to the joy of them arriving
home later in the day and seeing their lost package on the porch. That is what God
has planned for many of you.

I left a short note on the box explaining what happened
without leaving my name. I ended the note with the words, “God Bless you!”  That is what is about to happen to some of
you. The blessing of the return of what was lost is coming. When God returns
lost things He blesses the recipient not only with the return of what was lost,
but with the joy that comes when we know we are watched over by a Father who
cares about all aspects of our lives, especially those things we thought were lost forever.  


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