Dead End Journeys

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Freedom, Future, Trust | 0 comments

One morning last week, I left my motel
room to take a morning walk before I drove on to my next ministry assignment.
As I walked up a main street, I passed a strange little side street with an
“End” sign at the edge of the pavement. The street was only about 10 feet long.
It looked like a joke some construction worker had erected, but it was
real.  As I stopped and looked on in
amusement the Lord began to speak to me.

There are many things being announced as
major events in our culture, but they are nothing more than side street
diversions leading to a dead end of wasted time, energy and emotion. Keep your
feet on the main road of God’s will and don’t be drawn into the side streets.
God is about to make known things not found on the curious side streets of
diversion.  If you find your life
diverted get back on the main road and keep walking. Dead end journeys are not
part of your assignment or your calling.

“You will make known to me the path of
life.” Psalm 16:11


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