The Sharpened Blade Of Your Voice

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Apostle, Courage, Destiny, Fear, Five-Fold Ministry, Kingdom of God, Prophecy | 0 comments

The Lord spoke a simple phrase to me. He said, “Sharpened voices.” I waited for a moment and He went on to say He has sharpened voices for this moment in our national history to address prophetically the challenging issues we are facing as a nation. These voices have been sharpened by love, wisdom and brokenness. They will be able to cut through the layers of cultural scar tissue that has developed against the word of the Lord. This scar tissue has built up over the years because of silence and misguided words spoken in the name of God that have only judged, condemned and separated people. Our culture is not deaf to the word of the Lord. They are only resistant to what has not proven to be the word of the Lord.

God is raising and releasing new voices in this moment. He is also bringing a renewed credibility to voices from the past initially pushed aside. God is calling these voices into the national dialogue. Some of the blades wielded in the past sounded religious and prophetic, but were sourced in natural insight and human emotion. These voices have tried to cut through the restricting barriers we now face, but to no avail. Their blades, dulled by frustration and anger, have only brought bruising and wounding.

The Word of God is described as sharper than a two-edged sword. The words you release in the name of God will cut with that same sharpness if your heart is broken over the sorrow our nation now carries. If your heart is yielded to the love and compassion of God the whetstone of the Spirit will be able to put the edge of anointing on the blade of your voice. 

In the past, some of you have remained silent in the presence of voices whose message was sourced in the loud sounds of anger and frustration. Wait no longer. Rise up and speak the heart of God into the heart of culture no matter what opposition you face. Your words will begin to perform a surgery of the Spirit that will be part of God’s repair and restoration of our nation. Your voice and the message of hope you release have the ability to cut through the toughest layers of resisting hide to pierce the heart of a nation. Once that heart is pierced the reformation and revival you seek will become the supernatural by-product of your effort.


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