The Sound Of Hope

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Deliverance, Hope, Resurrection, Revival, Worship | 1 comment

This morning, as I sat in the darkness of a still breaking dawn, a goose flew overhead and honked. I wondered how the goose could navigate through the darkness and then I remembered something from my past. It reminded me of my days as a pilot when I would make an early morning departure from a valley still wrapped in the predawn hours of darkness.  After takeoff, I would climb up to my cruising altitude and actually be able see what could not be seen while still on the runway in the valley.  My flight path had taken me to a higher altitude allowing me to see the first rays of a new sunrise not yet visible to those in the valley below.

When the goose flew overhead this morning, I felt the Lord wanted someone to know that it may still feel very dark in the place you now find yourself, but God is about to take you higher and show you the way forward.

On Easter morning, Mary, Peter and John saw the evidence of the empty tomb while it was still dark. The darkness you are seeing in the natural is not a barrier to the revelation God is about to bring your way.  Resurrection always begins in a dark place. In the darkness is where your first sound of hope will be heard.

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    I needed this right now.


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