A few years ago a much larger picture of Easter emerged for me. I could not understand why it had eluded me for so many years.  I came to realize three things in context and in relationship with each other about the Easter story.

       The cross is empty.

       The tomb is empty.

       But the throne is occupied.

What I began to see with increasing clarity was the reason for Jesus needing to stop along the way at the cross and the tomb. Each stop was needed to set us free from sin and its punishment, but neither was His destination.  I realized the Easter story describes the journey of Jesus Christ toward His throne where He would eventually sit down in a place of ultimate authority – a place where every believer now sits with Him.  This was the journey of Easter – a journey toward a throne.

As you process places of death and resurrection this Easter – places that were only intended as temporary stops in a much larger journey – don’t forget the ultimate destination Jesus had in mind – the throne.  The throne of Jesus Christ,  where you now sit with Him at the right hand of the Father, was the goal of all the suffering He endured during the week of His passion.


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