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In 2020, an immense superwave struck the coast of British Columbia. It was the largest recorded wave in history. Researchers described it as a 1,300-year wave, one that only appears once every 1,300 years. The wave was the height of a four-story building. It would have gone unnoticed except for a measurement provided by an open-ocean buoy.

These superwaves are not a tsunami caused by an earthquake or landslide. They are formed from the surrounding waves in the open ocean drawing energy from them to become a superwave dwarfing the surrounding waves in comparison.  These superwaves are not just a natural phenomenon. They happen in the spiritual realm when the Lord dramatically changes the course of human history.

A wave of spiritual and cultural reformation is being formed in the tumultuous open seas of culture. This wave is gaining height and strength drawing its passion from the cries of sorrow and despair being released by people who are drowning in the effects of ungodly and unwise choices being made by their leaders. The incoming superwave of the Spirit is a response of mercy from God who hears those cries and plans an intervention.

This superwave will arrive unexpectedly to bring needed transformation and hope when it crashes upon our shores. It will be an unusual wave because it will only destroy what produces death, discouragement, and despair, unlike a natural wave that indiscriminately destroys everything in its path.

Before this superwave arrives, we will see smaller waves break on our shore that are announcements of the approaching wave of God’s Spirit. We are beginning to see the first series of these smaller waves of announcements that are creating shifts in social media empires, challenging institutions that were once trusted, but have devolved into creating compromised products. In the realm of politics where evil seemed forever entrenched, radical change is coming, and within the Church where certain aspects of our faith have been diluted with deceptions that run contrary to historic biblical truth a revival of truth will take place dividing the wheat and the chaff. All these indicators are merely surface manifestations of something deeper that God wants to heal by a wave of His presence.

When these early waves of announcement start to break on the shores of our culture, look out to sea and begin to worship. Those smaller waves are a signal that a superwave of God’s Spirit is approaching. All is not lost when our trust is placed in the Lord.


  1. Jonathan Khan

    What a prophetic insight of hope! A mighty wave of God’s glory to cause a holy deluge us needed. May the end-time revival accelerate upon us as we pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.

  2. Linda Franusich

    Wonderful Word if Encouragement!

  3. Lesley Ann Richardson

    Yes! Thank you, Garris, for this encouraging word. Soon please dear Lord …


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