The Sword of Truth

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

As Jan and I were taking communion and praying, I saw an image. It was an angel of the Lord who was carrying the sword of truth. He stood before a black veil put in place to keep light from penetrating a dark deception.

Each day the deception remained in place and unchallenged; the veil grew thicker. Many thought the separation was too dense to cut through and had given up hope that change was possible. Then at the command of the Lord, in a mighty move of Heavenly swordsmanship, the angel swung his sword and sliced open the veil allowing light to flood into places of deception. In the image, as the blade sliced through the fabric, I heard the sound of the veil being cut. When this cut takes place, the sound will be heard on both sides of the veiling obstacle.

The angel of the Lord has been dispatched to accomplish the Father’s will. Live in the expectation that God will demonstrate His love and authority over the affairs of Earth in ways that will be a surprise for many.


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