When the Dirt Pile is Tall

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

There are times when an obstacle that stands before us can seem like an impossibility. Those who approach such challenges with childlike faith in God are the ones who are in a place to see a miraculous outcome.

One of our neighbors is cutting the footing for the foundation of a new garage. Using a backhoe, he created a large pile of dirt during his excavation. On one side of the pile, I could see the father working on the new foundation with his backhoe. On the other side, his son played with a yellow toy dump truck moving handfuls of soil. I had a little yellow truck just like it when I was a boy.

Some things taking place at this moment in our world seem beyond our ability to change. Toy truck-like efforts exist on our side of an immense spiritual dirt pile. It can become discouraging if our focus is not on God. On the other side of the pile and out of sight, our Father is digging the foundation for something new. That is where our trust and hope needs to be placed.

While the Father continues to work and after we have prayed and done all we can do, we need to become childlike in our faith, trusting God and seeking the peace only He can provide – a peace that is beyond human understanding.

In a world where immediate news feeds, up and down statistics, and prognostications are rampant, it is all too easy to focus on the pile of dirt and lose our joy.


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