The Thread of Our Life

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Creativity, Death, Deliverance, Destiny, Dreams, Faith, Fear, Freedom, Future, Honor, Hope, Humility, Love | 0 comments

Throughout Scripture, a scarlet thread of the life of Jesus has been present from Genesis to Revelation. This is not just a historic thread to be observed academically from a distance. It is a personal thread revealed to us to help us see the life of Jesus Christ at work in human history. That thread has been used by God to bring together the fabric of torn and damaged lives restoring people when life has ripped them apart.

Just as someone would use a thread and a needle to repair a torn piece of fabric, so it is with our lives. The life of Jesus is offered to us to repair our torn places, but we must be willing to put His thread through the eye of the needle of our faith in order to begin patching together what has been torn apart. A thread of unforgiveness, fear and hopelessness cannot withstand the tension created by the flexing garment of life. 

There is no tear of relationship, no disappointment of an unkept promise or any personal failure so large that it cannot be brought back together by the binding thread of His love. Offering God the sewing needle of our faith is a testimony that tells the world we believe in all things God can rejoin what seems to be forever separated. The scarlet thread of Jesus, when sewn into these painful places, will stand out from the other thread as a heavenly contrast always reminding us that God’s goodness brought things back together.


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