The Top of the Heap

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Apostle, Church, Culture, Five-fold, Leadership | 0 comments

Striving to stand atop the proverbial heap will leave you standing at the summit of just a heap. An elevated position of earthly power and authority is not the only place where significant revelation occurs. 

The greatest revelations are designed to arrive on Earth as it is in Heaven to anyone who is seeking the Lord, not a place atop a human hierarchy. God’s revelation can come to anyone, anywhere no matter who they are or where their life is positioned, top, bottom or somewhere in between. A place of human elevation becomes insignificant in the face of Heaven’s revelation. 

Seek God’s face, not a position of man-made authority. If you do this you will become a Kingdom change agent bringing solutions to situations once defined as impossible before God’s revelation arrived.


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