Jan and I live in a wonderful place. We have bakeries, wineries, gourmet cheese factories and chocolatiers all set in the frame of our beautiful natural surroundings. From time to time an invitation will go out for the community to come and experience a pairing. A pairing is where a wine-maker or chef will pair a wine with cheese, special food or chocolate to show a customer a unique union of food and beverage that might not have been considered.

Just this week, I read of one such pairing taking place in our town. When I read the invitation, the Lord impressed upon me that a unique pairing would take place for some of you. You have been looking for a breakthrough, not a pairing. The word “breakthrough” has become a worn word in prophetic circles. Some have turned off the sound of its promise because it seems to be announced each day by someone with little result. You have doubted if you were a candidate for a breakthrough. God wants to redefine that word for you.

God is about to expand your spiritual palate. A pairing is coming that will actually be the breakthrough you have been praying for but had not considered it would take place in such a new and unusual fashion.  The spiritual pairing of a new relationship will be like a customer at a food pairing who tastes a new food combination for the first time and is surprised something they had never tasted before could be so good in its unique combination and presentation.

Be careful to not reject the coming offering of an unusual pairing based solely on your past experience. This will be something that will at first taste new and unfamiliar to your spiritual taste buds. There is nothing to fear. God has a very diverse family and a wide variety of methods at His disposal to accomplish His will. You are being invited to a pairing that will be a beautiful experience and one that will eventually become the breakthrough you have prayed would someday come.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).


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